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Orihime Yoshino
Princess of Violetcrest

Status : Fine
Relationship Status : Taken
M!A Status : None

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FC : Marta Lualdi (ToS: DotNW)
Finally free? || divineswordsman

"Thank you… Thank you for everything but now— now it’s time for me to be free." Orihime continued to smile as she opened up her castle room’s window. She dressed in her adventure¬†attire and having a case of throwing darts and knives at her waist, she wanted to be ready for the road of unknown ahead. With one last check of where the guards were, she took her escape and rushed through the heavily guarded castle yard within the darkness. Her footsteps were light, something she had learned to do oddly by the way she had to walk as royalty, and used it well to her advantage before she could get to the rooftops and run out of the city.¬†

Coming to the gates of Violetcrest, the girl stopped and watched as the guards moved before jumping from the rooftop that she had perched on and onto the wall that surrounded the town. Finally getting to the other side after finding a safe way down, she ran towards the place of meeting her Sekai— that smile never fading as she spotted him in the distance, actually, it only got brighter.